Monday, January 19, 2009


My H.Y.P.E Poem
(Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation)

Can you hear me out there?
No, can you really hear me out there?
Do see me standing in front of you?
Cause I see you
Do you see the things that are happening in this world?
It doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl
If your hair is straight or you have curls

Is it just me?
Don't you see it.........
The kids that die, the ones that suffer
The people making bad decisions
And hurting one another
Based on things they see everday.....
Based on the lives that have gone a stray
Whether it's right or if it's wrong
Such a sad tune; an endless song.

Just because the color of my skin
Doesn't mean that I shouldn't win
I have a dream
That I'm gonna be somebody
I have the potential
That lies in EVERYBODY,
The freedom to think
And speak my mind
I'm letting go,
One step at a time....

It's hard sometimes,
Without a doubt
But I'm strong and I'm fierce
I know what I'm about
My pride,
My glory
Pushes me right through it
Gives me the right
And the power to do it

What are we waiting for?
Lets make a difference, it starts today
Emancipate our mind, our thoughts
It's time to make a change!


By: Abigail Mohelata Langi


  1. I love this poem Abby!

    You are so very talented and I am so proud of you and the beautiful and smart young woman that you have become!!!

    Loving you always!
    Aunty 'Anapesi

  2. Awwwww....thank you so much auntie Pesi!!
    That is really really really SWEET....

    You ROCK!!

    Love Abby